Advantages of Airlaid Raw Material:

Cellulose, sap (absorbent), ADL, Tissue raw materials and glue used for adhesion of these raw materials, are not used. 1 raw material is used instead of 4 raw materials

Machine Unit and Energy:
Cellulose (Mill unit and filter system), sap unit, Adl, Tissue units and hotmelt units used for adhesion of these raw materials are not used. These units save energy in the machine because they are not used in the machine

When this raw material is used, since the diaper is thinner and lighter-looking, the packaging size is slightly smaller, since it is slightly lighter.

Machine operation and Periodic maintenance:
Since 4 raw materials and units of these raw materials do not work in the machine, the machine works more easily and the process is very comfortable. It is easier to maintain and increases the working life of the machine equipment.

Landscaping and Hygiene:
The stock area and factory layout is better because it has a cleaner working environment and 1 raw material instead of 4 raw materials.

As quality:
More uniform distribution and more liquid retention (2 coats)

Cost calculation :
While calculating the cost, energy, and packaging of the raw materials mentioned above are calculated and the net figure is calculated. This calculation is made more clearly when the raw material price and weight (g / m2) is determined net.

NOTE: This product has started to be used in European countries. If this raw material is selected, 4 units are not made and 4 raw materials are not used, while the machine is being built.