Baby Diaper Raw Material Selection

There are 15 raw materials in diapers. All of these combine in the machine. The adult diaper raw materials are the same as the baby diaper raw materials. For these two products, only the size and dimensions vary. There are approximately 12 raw materials in this product and combine in the same way in the machine.

Sanitary Napkin Raw Material Selection   

Raw materials of sanitary napkin pad are different. There are about 9 raw materials and are combined in the same way on the machine. The selection of raw material weights is very important. Because it affects the cost and the good operation of the machine.

 About General Raw Material Selection

Most raw materials are produced in Turkey. Representatives are available for all raw material supply. We provide the necessary information to the companies in this regard. Cellulose is the most important raw material in this sector and its stock needs to be adjusted very well.

Our Service: During the negotiations, the monthly raw material cost, price, raw material weight of the machine production are presented as a chart to the customer in a wider way and given information.